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About Rossini

Rossini breaks the mould of watch making.

As a relatively new brand, only established in 1984...we have taken huge strides to become the well recognized brand we are today. Earning many outstanding rewards for high quality personalised designs, Rossini have proudly achieved a leading brand status. Rossini has honours for ‘Chinese Famous brand products’ and are the only watch company honoured in ‘Top 500 Asian brands’. To add to these impressive accolades, we are also launching across Europe and America.

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Rossini Factory

The Rossini design facility and factory is in the prime location of Zhuhai, conveniently located close to major cities such as Hong Kong and Macau; making our state of the art complex a thriving tourist destination. These buildings were built with Italian inspiration; named after one of the great Italian composers Giochino Antonio Rossini, aiming to channel his concise style and creative spirit. Our enclosed area incorporates gardens, ponds and a main stream, to create a relaxing atmosphere for our employees. These unique features are open to public, along with the museum showcasing a fantastic interpretation of different understandings and operations of time.

Rossini believes that a positive workforce combined with innovation is the key to our success, and as a consequence treat them as part of a large harmonious family. With heavy investments in clean room and design technology; our 750 employees create and develop revolutionary designs for the modern day. Rossini is currently looking into clock corrosion and the application of PVD gold plating technology. With great advances in Tungsten case materials already, we are confident in making scientific breakthroughs that will forever change the watch making industry.

“Time Always Follows Me” is a motto that embodies Rossini’s philosophy...providing time to reflect and witness the incredible achievements we have had, and how this success shapes our future. We are proud of every moment in our short heritage, and are looking forward to many more years of success.

Rossini Workers

Rossini Timeline

1984 - Rossini was established in Zhuhai, launching the first joint venture in the Chinese watch industry
1985 - The first Rossini watch was released
1987 - Manufacturing level of Rossini’s production of gold plated case had reached international advanced level
1990 - Rossini rapidly became the number 1 professional watch company in China
1997 - Rossini donated to build ‘Rossini Hope Primary School’ in Heping City
1999 - Macao returns to China with all troops wearing special costumed Rossini watches
2003 - Rossini broke the technical difficulties involved in tungsten steel production
2013 - Rossini became the only Chinese watch enterprise in ‘Top 500 Asian Brands’